Swiper Studio v8 Update

Today we are pleased to release a huge update to Swiper Studio with an updated user interface and lots of new features.

Swiper 10

First of all, the export code has been updated for the recently released Swiper v10 and is now fully compatible with the latest version of Swiper.

Tinder Effect

The brand new and recently released UI Initiative Tinder effect is now also available as an effect in Swiper Studio.

Inspired by the famous dating app Tinder, Tinder effect adds a card flipping effect that you can easily integrate into your Swiper project. With this plugin, you can create intuitive, engaging interfaces that enhance user interaction with your website or app.

Creative Effect

The Creative effect is one of the most powerful effects in Swiper, and now it's available in Swiper Studio. And with our new Creative effects editor, you can create an infinite number of transition effects:

Parallax Opacity & Scale

We have added "opacity" and "scale" controls for the Parallax module to have even more control over it:

Multi-line Slide Text

The multi-line text of a slide in the form is now itself displayed as multi-line text in the slides:

Parameters Export

There is a new type of export - "Parameters". Quick and easy way to save only object with Swiper parameters:

Desktop Apps

There are new versions of desktop apps releases as well. Make sure to re-download them to get the latest features.