All-access And New Pricing

Swiper Studio was launched more than a year ago, in May 2022. Since then, the price for access has remained the same, even though a lot of new features have been added.

What's more, the subscription-based model has been shown to not work very well because many users download all the items after the initial subscription and cancel their membership.

Thus, the following access changes took effect on June 1.


Full access to all Swiper Studio is now available only with a one-time payment of $99, which should be made through the website (we use Paddle payments provider). This one-time payment provides continued access to Swiper Studio web app and desktop apps downloads.

Patreon Subscribers

We understand that there are some active patrons (who is still subscribed) who have already paid a total of $99. They are automatically transferred to the new platform (with their Patreon email address) and automatically receive All-access.

Feel free to contact us if your Patreon account has not been transfered.